My name is Joel Thorstad.  I’ve been an outdoors industry professional for a little over a decade.  Whether for work or play, I almost always find myself in the Woods, on the Prairie, or on the Water.  As an avid upland hunter, I’m generally accompanied everywhere by my two English Pointers, “Walker” and “Beyla”.  The outdoorsman lifestyle has been passed down through generations in my family and along with it, a strong involvement in conservation.

Aside from taking you along on some of my adventures, I’m hoping to be of some use to you!  Read carefully and you may pick up a few tips and tricks from fishing and hunting industry pro’s, along with product reviews and more.

Thanks for reading,

Joel D. Thorstad


If you have a special place in your heart for…

The sound of dog bells in the crisp October grouse woods.

The rhythm of “walleye chop” slapping the hull of a boat.

The sound of a twig snapping behind you during the Whitetail rut.

A screaming fly reel.

A prairie town diner full of orange hats drinking coffee.

The sight of a tip-up flag standing tall.

The smell of fresh coffee filling a hunting camp.

Whistling wings in a marsh.

Sharing a campfire with friends, old and new.

This might be for you…



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