Project Upland: A New Era

Our eyes have widened at videos of skies darkened by thousands of waterfowl descending on a decoy spread.  We’ve seen heart pounding clips of rutted-out 180″ whitetail bucks chasing does toward an awaiting hunter.  We’ve been inspired by great monarch bull elk bugling in the timber.

But for grouse hunters, arguably the most passionate about their game, how can we share the significance of the whole experience?  For a bird that you are fortunate to get even a glimpse of after the flush, how do we capture what it means to us?

The Ruffed Grouse Society has teamed up with Dangerous Cow Publishing to create an incredible, visually striking video series to do just that…and they really nailed it.

You can check the schedule of release dates and follow along here: Project Upland Website

Check out what’s new from The Ruffed Grouse Society

Treat yourself to a few more videos from the incredibly talented folks at Dangerous Cow Publishing, or visit them here.

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