Conservation: A New Year’s Resolution

I’ll admit, social media has become a guilty pleasure of mine.  To my surprise its become a very useful way to stay up to date on topics that pique my interest, especially relating to conservation.  Not to mention, I truly enjoy the ability to be globally connected with other sportsmen and women who share photos of their successful outings!image

With the New Year on the horizon, I decided to scroll through my Facebook page to recap all the fun I’d had this year… fishing opener, training dogs on sharptails in Wisconsin, taking home the new pup from U.P. Michigan, bird hunting in Montana, Theodore Roosevelt Nat’l Park, grouse camp in the Minnesota northwoods, a little late-season walleye action thrown in for good measure.  As I clicked my way through, I came across all the posts I’d shared to make my friends aware of upcoming banquet events for the Ruffed Grouse Society, news of Minnesota’s “Buffer Strip Bill” legislature, and quail habitat projects being completed down South.  As much fun as it was to see the number of “likes” my tailgate shots had acquired, I was disheartened to see my conservation-related posts seemingly passed over, untouched.

2012-10-19_11-11-34_846Without the conservation action described in those posts, the “tailgate shots” wouldn’t exist.  That’s very real my friend.  These organizations exist to create habitat which grows and supports a healthy population of game.  They also fight for your right to hunt, and create public land opportunities for you to do so.  Maybe most important of all, by giving us a healthy population to hunt, and a place to hunt, we are able to pass our sporting traditions onto a younger generation.image

This is my New Year’s Resolution folks- a call to action!  Attend a banquet, volunteer at an event, find a way to get involved and join an organization of your choice!  You’ll meet and network with a lot of great, passionate people and will be doing your part to ensure the next generation has the same opportunities as we do.  Heck, you might even get a hot tip on a new spot while you’re at it…

Happy New Year,


Visit the Conservation Page!

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